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 Get your business connected with Over 120 real musical instrument wholesale distributors with HUGE warehouses full of music equipment by all the top brands. Over 400 musical product manufacturers. We also provide very unique business to business services and solutions. Speak to a wholesale consultant 951-319-8485. 

Wholesale drop-Ship services available with membership.


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     Imagine having over 400 music manufactures and 120 music wholesalers at your fingertips. Because Wholesale Music Warehouse only deals with licensed dealers, Wholesale Music Warehouse will give you that distinct advantage over all competitors. At Wholesale Music Warehouse, you will have access to the music industries top manufactures and distributors. Your completed membership includes our 2005 wholesale music instrument master distributors guide, 1,000+ music product images ready for immediate download, 1000+ music products on excel, confidential email blast sent for your company to all major music instrument master wholesale distributors, ( over 100 music instrument wholesalers are contacted for you! ) We ask for confidential wholesale musical instrument catalogs to be mailed directly to your office.



     Our confidential "behind the scenes" master-distributors are located through wholesale B2B trade shows from across the U.S.A. The public is not allowed at these wholesale shows.



     The Wholesale Music Warehouse Club is only available to licensed re-sellers. Need help getting licensed? Contact Wholesale Music Warehouse Club USA 951-319-8485. You can start a business of your own for less than you might think. There is still good profit margins with musical instruments. Start making good money selling something you know and love. Over 1,200 wholesale musical instruments & accessories are available for immediate drop shipping.

Add music instruments to your business through our wholesale music instrument drop ship program. 2016 catalogs.




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Chain of events in the Wholesale Music Instruments Industry:
     Product is Manufactured ( Usually in USA, China or Korea )
     Product is shipped to a "Master-Distributor" which is either the "Brand" itself or a multi-line master       wholesale distributor buying OEM from the over seas manufacturer.
     Product is shipped from the Master-Distributor to a "Distributor"
     The "Distributor" ships the goods to the "Dealer/Retailer"
     The "Dealer/Retailer" sells the goods to the "End User" also called "The Consumer"
     You want to buy from "Multi-Line Master Distributors" or direct from the manufacturer, ( If you can meet the minimum order requirements & territorial contracts etc..)
     Our consultants provide direct help 7 days per week. Available by telephone 951-319-8485or by instant message through AOL. Our screen name is AudioDistributor ( AOL IM )
     Contact Wholesale Music Warehouse Club @ 951-319-84857am-to-7pm Fax your business license or tax id to eFax 325-202-9228


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 Wholesale Musical Instruments